Philodendron 'Splendid' double planted 10cm

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Philodendron Splendid is one ripper plant for velvet philodendrons fans! Philodendron Splendid is a hybrid between Philodendron Melanochrysm and Verrucosum (a cross made here in NZ) A very easy care climbing plant, with the best of both cultivars. Expect large heart shaped, velvety leaves, with the classic verrocusm patterning as an undertone. If planted up a fern fibre/moss pole, leaves will quickly become larger once attached. 

Our plants are double planted in 10cm clear pots, grown in humidity around 60-70%. A handful of these large grade plants available, screaming to be planted on a totem.Cover pot not included.

We recommend aiming for 60-70% humidity for ideal growth, however they can still tolerate lower light levels and humidity. 

Aim for medium bright, indirect light, a well draining soilless medium (we grow all our plants in a fern fibre & charcoal mix).

Last photo is indicative of what to expect from a more mature plant, cover pot not for sale.

Please note philodendron splendid can vary slightly in size, size of leaves, colour tones (as this is a hybrid cultivar) , however we do our best plants that a representative pot the photos published.

Plants shipped in secure plant boxes nationwide. 

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