My name's D'Arcy, I'm a local Kiwi bloke from the North Shore in Auckland, here to spread the love with all things plants. If I'm not in the garden you'll find me out in the surf, mountain biking, or having some frosties with mates. 

For as long as I can remember I've had a deep fascination for plants. It's a paradigm that I've had ingrained into me, thanks to my grandparents both owning orchards in Hawkes Bay and Riverhead. Learning from a young age the importance of growing your own food, I had a veggie patch every year without fail. 

My fascination with indoor tropical plants flourished after tour guiding in Tropical North Queensland for a year. I would bring back cuttings from the rainforest such as golden pothos, black bean trees etc. to my apartment in Brisbane to bring the jungle inside. The most recent endeavour was running a plant rental company for a mate in Sydney. The knowledge I've gained from learning  the specific care requirements for indoor plants is something I want to share with all you plant frothers here in NZ!

I have a mixed bag of tropical plants grown from local nurseries, to my own plant stock I have collected and propagated through traditional and tissue culture techniques. 


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