Anthurium Crystallinum 'Silver Blush' 13cm

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A petite anthurium with perfectly heart shaped leaves and thick, silver veining. 

The heart-shaped, deep green leaves have a velvety texture with prominent silver veining, and can cover the majority of the leaf! This beautiful Anthurium is a must have!

Anthurium 'Silver Blush' is an exciting Anthurium Crystallinum phenotype. While the regular Crystallinum has deep green foliage and a silvery appearance only along the veins, the silver on the Silver Blush variety fades out broadly from the veins and sometimes extends to almost the whole leaf.

The new leaves and petioles on the Anthurium Silver Blush reddish in colour when they emerge, turning silvery green as they mature.

Anthurium are highly variable and not every leaf of every specimen will always appear the same.

Anthuriums love higher humidity (70%+) however you can acclimate to lower humidity around 60% and they should be fine.

Light levels should be on the lower to mid range bright indirect light. 

Aim to use a well draining, chunky aroid mix, or pure fern fibre. 

The last two photos are an indication on what to expect from our more mature specimen. 

***Our plants will be around the same size but can vary from plant to plant along with leaf patterns and colour, cover pot not included***

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