Philodendron Giganteum 'Blizzard'

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Philodendron Giganteum 'Blizzard' is famous for its giant glossy green leaves, but this rare beauty has gorgeous white speckled variegation. The huge green & white foliage can grow to be 4 to 5 feet and as large as 3 feet across. This variegated form of Philodendron giganteum is a slower grower than its standard green counterpart, however well worth the wait!

Two size options, 10cm is the medium, 7cm being the small. Both grown in fern fibre.

Light: They love bright, indirect light, can tolerate lower light levels but the leaves will struggle to size up.
Watering: As with many other philodendrons, water when the top layer of soil is dry. Use a well draining soil mix. We prefer pure fern fibre, as it's near impossible to over water!
Only a handful available, more to come in spring!

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