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Alocasia Cuprea originates from a hot and humid area. The leaves on this plant are intriguing, it can be red or green, they are stiff and have a plastic like appearance. These stunning, colourful leaves create a focal point for any collection of houseplants.

***Since the release we have a handful of larger medium grade plants available, please refer to the first two photos for size reference***

Alocasia Cuprea needs indirect light to grow and remain healthy, avoid direct sun. To make sure it gets enough light to thrive try to place it in either east or north facing window.

They love warm temperature 18C-29C. Never let the temperature dropped below 10C.

Alocasia loves moist soil, make sure to have a free draining aroid mix to ensure the roots still have access to much needed oxygen. With a soggy mix, alocasia are prone to root rot.
Water when the top 2-3 inches of soil is dry.

The country it originates from has high humidity. For Alocasia Cuprea, try to keep the humidity around 70-80% if possible.

When it comes to soil, it's an average plant care in this area; provide it with well draining aroid mix.

Alocasia Cuprea will enjoy a weekly fertiliser in the growing season. Once their growth slows down, reduce to once every 3-4 weeks or dilute.

Pro tip: Try to put them in hanging basket or macrame for a different look.
make sure to check if we sold out.

NOTE: The pictures are for indication only. We will pack these incredibly carefully and with utmost care, however they are delicate and these plants are shipped at the buyers risk. We really recommend to keep them on heat mat and propagation box after you receive it and throughout its first winter.

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