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Philodendron Paraiso Verde limited release is available from Monday 6th June in three time slots: 9am, 12pm & 3pm. Please visit if sold out.

A stunning and hard to find philodendron with dark & light green-white variegated leaves. 

Sourced from the rare aroid collection at Rooted. We have spent months multiplying a handful of explants in our tissue culture lab to bring you a limited number of plants.

2nd photo shows the size difference between the large & small grade. These will vary slightly between plants as well as with variegation.

Philodendron Paraiso Verde Care

Humidity - Requires moderate-high humidity (60-80%) with good air circulation. 

Light - To maintain the stable, beautifully marbled variegation, position in a bright area with indirect light with temperatures of 18c-32c. Too shaded or cold and the variegation will fade. If the plant does push out some green leaves from colder temperatures or lack of light, the variegation will return in spring, or if supplemented with a grow light (aim for a total light intensity of around 40PPFD)

Soil - Thrives in any aroid mix suitable for philodendrons. A well draining , light weight soilless mix with a PH of 5-6 is ideal. We use a mix of fern fibre and horticultural charcoal and our aroids absolutely love it.

Fertiliser - Paraiso verde isn't a heavy feeder, we would recommend any organic fertiliser in the growing season such as the Plant Runner plant food. 

Pro Tip - As with any vining philodendron, use a moss or fern fibre pole for it to attach to. This imitates its natural growth habit and will encourage the growth of large mature leaves.

***The first photo is an example of what to expect under ideal growing conditions. Not all plants will be the exact same height or variegation, the following photos will indicate what to expect. We will send your order same day in a secure insulated plant box on Monday's & Tuesday's if order is placed before 10am. We want to make sure your plant arrives safely.***

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