Fittonia (nerve plant)


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Fittonia is commonly known as the nerve plant, they are a tropically found plant with striking leaves of pink and green, white and green, or green and red.


As with any tropical house plant, the nerve plant will flourish in a humid environment. Misting, pebble tray or a nearby humidifier will help, however they do tolerate dryer conditions if kept away from air conditioning units, heaters. Avoid cold spots in your home and drafts, remember these indoor plants are from the rainforest floor. 

Fittonia nerve plant likes moist soil in a free draining potting mix, but not too wet. Water when the top layer dries out, then water moderately. 

Look for any spot with bright indirect light. Nerve plants will tolerate shadier conditions, but be careful not to deprive them of too much light, as low light exposure will cause these plants to revert to green, losing the veins vibrant splashes of color. 

Fittonia propagates readily from leaf-tip cuttings. Take the leaf-tip cuttings in late spring or early summer, at the same time you repot the plant

9cm in ceramic pot

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